Hello, I am Lukas.

I like to build

If you want to see what I have created so far in the fields of web- & app-development, film, photo and design you can directly visit my work via the buttons below.
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Feel free to get in touch with me to chat about the newest Javascript Frameworks, Full-Stack Development, App-Designs or if you want to have an application photo for your new job opportunity!
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The era of digital technology is changing the types of products and services, the process of value creation and tools that enable us to to use and apply our own ideas and imagination.
I want to use the full range of digital tools I have at my hands and blend them with my creativity to create great content for other peoples ideas, for start ups, businesses and my personal projects.

I founded the technology studio Excyted. We turn ideas into eye-popping reality by utilizing our creativity and latest technology concepts in web development and media production. We want to excite people by being fast and creative and by building digital products that people truly want to play and interact with.

The real hidden benefit of my work has always been the fulfilment I get when communicating with the people I work with. Whether its sports, music, nature or corporate and business stuff: I get to know what the individuals do, what they are passionate about and what they breathe for. While I like the process of nailing the work I am more excited about the environment I am working in and the people and ideas I meet along the way. 

Impatience with action

Patience with results

Naval Ravikant

For me creating cool digital stuff is a continuing process of learning and exploring. There is no set of rules for getting the ‘perfect’ work. As with everything else it is excercise and experience.
Looking at the finished work, for me, that is meaningful.
I’m Lukas and I love meeting new interesting people and creating something with them together!

My drive is creation.

No matter if you are a big agency, a fresh start-up, a very small studio or just someone with a concept or an unfinished idea about a project.

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There is so much information bombarding us at all hours of the day and night. There are so many distractions we as modern humans have to consciously screen out.

Take breaks.

I recently lived in Barcelona for some time. As a matter of a broken camera I didn’t have the opportunity to create that much visuals. Expecting some kind of urge to take my camera and shoot, it’s where I started to realize that I actually enjoyed the time off. It remembered me of taking a break every once in a while and it recalibrated my creativity and focus. 

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