I would like to share some facts and thoughts about my editing.
As an exemplary case I want to take one of my latest sports work.
The WWU Baskets played their semifinal in the German Championships and it was time to capture everything that comes along with it. The game itself, the sweat, the heat, fans going mad and an all together insane atmosphere in the arena.

You can see the finished video here:
WWU-Baskets Finals

So let’s start with some facts:
Video length: 52 seconds,
Cuts: 70,
Average shot length: 0.75 sec (There are just 2 shots longer than 1 second).

Video editing changes as a matter of new technologies as well as a result of changes in user demands and requirements in the fast world of social media. There is so much content to consume in never ending feeds. Users get bored quite quickly and their attention span even for quality content shrinks with each additional input coming in from every direction.

My approach: Be precise, be fast and ecstatic with the media you provide. Stimulate the consumers with speedy content and rather make them watch the video twice to gather all impressions, emotions and the communicated message than making them quit after some seconds.

This editing style obviously doesn’t work for every piece of content you produce. There are other ways to stand out with your idea, product, vision or business via motion pictures. But, being fast and exciting is one ingredient to attract viewers to your video and consequently bind them to your content and the message you want to deliver.

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